Truck & RV Painting

Truck & RV Paint Solutions for your Truck / RV

We use environmentally friendly water based paints by PPG Paints, we are committed to a cleaner environment and a safer work place for our employees. We offer products that meet the most stringent environmental standards which require either zero or low VOC* coatings while delivering the performance you’ve come to expect.

Infrared Technology

With infrared technology, we can shorten the drying time for painting your vehicle and also restore the paint finish to its original factory specifications. With infrared technology, drying time is very short. The below times are typical for 2 pac material including waterborne paints. For the most common paint materials times and power levels are programmed into the heater.

  • Putty 2-3 mins
  • Filler 3-6 mins
  • Primer 5-8 mins
  • Basecoat 4-8 mins
  • Topcoat 6-10 mins
  • Clearcoat 5-10 mins

Drying method – IRT short-wave infrared penetrates the paint, heats the sheet metal and cures the paint from the inside out. Medium-wave (MW and long-wave LW) heating only reaches to the middle of the paint or even stops at the surface.

Down Draft and Spray & Bake Booths

Owasco is proud to use the ultimate in automotive paint finishing utilizing the “Enhanced Curing System” which gives rapid flash off and curing of paints to give the highest quality finish possible. We are able to facilitate vehicles of all sizes and offer our full guarantee on all body and finish repairs.