Owasco Inc has a 17 Bay Body Repair/Paint Facility called Whitby Collision and Glass. Owasco Inc is Family owned and operated since 1972 and offers not only Competitive Salary, Benefits, RRSP Plan but also a very large clean working environment with all up to date tools and equipment. Whitby Collision and Glass has been repairing all Makes and Models since 1972 and is certified by major insurance companies and also Certified with Audi and VW Collision Repairs. We only believe in fixing the car right and right the first time to make the vehicle like new again so if you feel the same then please apply as we would love to have you apart of our Team.


VERY Competitive Compensation Package!!!

✔️Extra dollars per hour if you are I-CAR Certified PLUS
✔️Extra dollars per hour if you are VW Certified PLUS
✔️Extra dollars per hour if you are Audi Certified PLUS
✔️Pension Plan for all Licensed Technicians PLUS
✔️Full dental and medical benefits program for full-time employees


Plus A Great Working Environment!!!

  • Our Shop has invested in safe and modern ventilation equipment
    • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT:  We ensure that the air is always clean in our shop to make it a safe & healthy work environment for our team!
  • We have 2 premium frame machines for luxury model vehicles
    • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT:  One machine for imports one machine for luxury. This means you have the tools to get each job done more efficiently!
  • Each technician has their own lift station as well as access to 3 full sized hoists
    • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT:  The more tools you have access to, the easier it is to get jobs done!
  • Plenty of opportunity for growth in an environment that encourages learning
    • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT:  We believe that learning & growth opportunities are part of a healthy work environment!
  • We use only premium repair products, paint and materials
    • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT:  Quality work needs quality tools – we provide premium products for you to work with!
  • A parts manager handles all parts for vehicles to be distributed to technicians
    • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT: By having someone handle the parts, this gives you the ability to get jobs done more efficiently!

PLUS Whitby Collision & Glass has essential SOP’s for standardized repairs and processes

To apply for this position, please fill out the form below or email your resume to




All technicians have access to individual lifts for efficiency, you'll never have to wait to use a lift